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Mitigate risk and speed processing with secure access to source data

Issuing letters of credit efficiently and with minimal risk so that you can maximize customer experience and reduce deal cycle times requires reliable access to secure, verified data.

Today, accessing physical trade data and original sources of information is a time-consuming, laborious and expensive process that hampers your ability to streamline and automate your operations.

TradeLens APIs connect you directly to the various data sources in your customers’ supply chains, giving you secure, permissioned access that minimizes document checking labor, and enables process automation to drive speed and efficiencies.

Access highly secure data
Using the TradeLens platform with a robust sharing permissions structure, documents are only visible to authorized parties, eliminating the risk of users mistakenly sharing sensitive information.
Expedite your workflow
The notification capability of TradeLens can be accessed to alert operators when documents are uploaded from other parties, reducing the workload for chasing documents.

Further benefits

Reduce your costs

Lower the inefficient workload of document and information verification by connecting directly to your customers’ supply-chain partners data and structured documents, published via API.

Minimize errors

Structured documents use rich data that can be reused to reduce keying errors and improve data quality.

Drive customer service

With greater operational efficiency you can redeploy resources to more value-added activities with potential to expand into LC syndication process.

Mitigate risks

With secure, permissioned and transparent access to your customers trade documentation and shipment data, you can reduce financial crime risks including sanctions, AML and fraud.

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