To deliver your customers’ cargo, your operations teams need to handle hundreds or thousands of shipping documents every day.

Today, document-handling errors can include sending shipping documents to the wrong customer. This and other mistakes can compromise your relationship with your customers because of resulting delays and the appearance of poor handling of sensitive commercial data.

Using TradeLens, digitized documents are securely shared using an advanced data permissioning model that minimizes costly mistakes and improves workflow processes.


Reduce mishandling risk
Your operator is under pressure to get a complete document pack to a customer. Using TradeLens, which includes a robust sharing permissions structure, documents are only visible to authorized parties, eliminating the risk of operators mistakenly sharing sensitive information.
Get notified of document updates
TradeLens Notifications can be setup to alert operators when documents are uploaded from other parties, reducing the workload around chasing documents.
Rely on enterprise-grade data security
A digital audit trail of shipment events flags all document changes and simplifies compliance management.

further benefits

Get near real-time visibility

Access hundreds of shipment events in near real-time, including document updates and planned, estimated and actual transport milestones.

Proactively manage updates

Set notifications for new documents uploaded to TradeLens and immediately publish associated data via API feeds.

Collaborate securely

TradeLens permissions strictly and securely control who can view, publish and subscribe to shipment-specific data.

Drive operational efficiencies

Proactively manage exceptions with estimated,planned and actual milestone notifications that immediately publish associated data via API.


of 3PLs cite the continued need to decrease operational costs and improve profit margins.


of 3PLs believe improving process quality and performance is the most important element for their customers.


of 3PLs say collaborating with other companies, even competitors, can achieve logistics cost and customer service improvements.

stay informed, stay ahead

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