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Eliminate invoice uncertainties with data direct from your supply chain

To efficiently process invoices from different organizations involved across your supply chain, your accounts payable team needs trusted sources of data and information.

Today, when disputes arise over additional charges like detention and demurrage, information that can validate corresponding dates and times is limited and can often only be sourced from the creator of the invoice in a manual and time-consuming process.

TradeLens helps you manage costs by providing access to a secure, flexible platform for end-to-end supply-chain visibility and data direct from the source. These benefits extend to you and your trading partners and allow improvements in freight auditing and invoice reconciliation.

Access near real-time data
During transport, the shipper accesses time stamped shipment events direct from the source and from other parties to the shipment.
Calculate fees based on actual events
Charge rates are mapped to shipment events, so in each step of the physical container journey, TradeLens-supported invoicing calculates the appropriate charge as defined by the shipper’s contracted rates.
Start to automate payments
Since all charges are pre-validated at each stage of the shipment’s movement, the carrier invoice matching the TradeLens invoice calculation is instantly available, allowing automated payment advice.
Resolve disputes quickly
Dispute resolution is evidenced with clear records of shipment milestones using time stamps. For a single event like gate in empty, data from the port, carrier and trucker are captured.

Further benefits

Rely on unassailable data

The TradeLens data, communicated direct from the source, includes document events and planned, estimated and actual transport milestones.

Identify and assess questionable invoices

TradeLens structured documents are built to industry standards, meaning that the data and information within all shipping documents can be readily located, analyzed and interpreted.

Lower your operational costs

Using Hyperledger Fabric permissioned blockchain guarantees the immutability, privacy, and traceability of all shipping data, documents and versions.

Conclude audits with minimal effort

Each time a document is amended and published a new version of the document is created. With blockchain, a digital audit trail of changes is dynamically maintained for compliance management.

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