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Simplify the customs declaration process

As a customs broker handling customer shipments, you rely on information contained in documents from various parties in order to complete declaration filings.

Today, that critical information is on paper or in emails that may not have arrived when they’re needed, and often needs to be re-keyed to use. The process of getting the information is time consuming, while manual data-entry is inefficient and error-prone.

TradeLens digitizes the declaration workflow for all connected parties, so that you have the document information you need as soon as it’s available, and the ability to automate filings using the platform’s standardized data format.

Access documents as soon as they exist
At the time of container stuffing, the shipper uploads the final packing list in a structured document to TradeLens.
Automate the assembly of filing information
Accessing TradeLens via APIs, the broker’s system pulls structured data from the packing list and Commercial Invoice.
See the latest transport plan
After the vessel has departed, the broker uses this data to create the customs declaration, including supplemental information to ensure a quicker clearance process.
Rely on secure document versioning
All versions of the documents are stored inTradeLens, underpinned by blockchain, to guarantee their immutability, traceability and auditability

Further benefits

Reduce errors

Structured documents use rich data that can be reused to reduce keying errors and improve data quality.

End-to-end visibility

TradeLens provides visibility of all of yourshipments’ events and flags document changes with a clear digital audit trail.

Secure, simplified versioning

Authorized parties to any shipment can immediately see when changes have been made to shipping documents, and by whom, along a journey.

Data from its source

Shipment events are shared direct from the source, including document updates and planned, estimated and actual transport milestones.

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