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Pioneer a new class of customer support

Running 3PL customer service teams, you rely on accurate, up-to-date information on the status of every shipment to deliver excellent customer experience.

Today, finding that information means your teams send and receive chains of emails, place multiple phone calls, visit numerous carrier websites and manually enter information to find cargo milestones. The process takes time, and costs resources.

With TradeLens, your supply-chain partners are connected on a single data-sharing platform, providing visibility of shipping events in near real-time, so your teams spend less time hunting for updated information, and more time delighting the customer.

Easy access to timely source data
When your customer asks whether their container made it aboard as planned, your team checks TradeLens (either through Shipment Manager in a browser or via your in-house system connected to TradeLens APIs) which indicates the carrier has not yet confirmed ‘gate in,’ but the port authority has confirmed the container has ‘gated in for export’ and is loaded on the vessel.
See planned, estimated and actual events
No changes to estimated or planned events have been published.
Focus on the customer experience
Your customer service rep replies, “Your container is loaded on board and on schedule. Would you like to review the packing list and commercial invoice? I can see they are available.”

Further benefits

Stay informed of shipment status

All permissioned parties to a shipment can access hundreds of shipment events and document updates, communicated directly from the source.

Proactively manage challenges

Spot exceptions earlier with estimated, planned and actual milestone notifications that immediately publish associated data via API.

Stay notified

Locate shipments using booking, equipment, bill of lading and client reference numbers and be notified of changes to transport plans and shipping documents.

Work from transport plans

Access carrier and 3PL transport plans with end-to-end shipping milestones and updated, versioned documents on a single, secure platform.

Get started today

Join the network, access data direct from major ocean carriers worldwide, and start managing your pickups and deliveries with precision and efficiency.

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