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Expedite container movements with accurate data and digital documents

Finalize export customs packs faster with digital documents

See all your parties and transport partners in one window

Optimize pickups and drop-offs with custom notifications 

Access powerful analytics dashboards to assess performance

Start saving time and lowering your costs

As an exporter, you are facing significant challenges in the current global climate. Labor shortages, transport disruptions and rapidly changing trade conditions have increased risks and costs. 

To survive and thrive, you need to look at secure, reliable digital solutions that can start to lower your costs and expedite your workflows.

18 days saved in BL process from issuance to surrender
Saved 100 hours of administrative time per month

For Exporters

The TradeLens eBL is a standard, industry-supported, end-to-end digital solution that provides shippers, cargo owners and freight-forwarders a streamlined and secure process for the issue, transfer and surrender of original bills of lading.

Streamline your processes

The process of receiving and transferring paper bills of lading is manual and time consuming.
TradeLens eBL is a carrier-supported digital bill of lading you can receive and transfer with the click of a button, eliminating time-consuming manual handling and the costs of couriering paper documents worldwide.

Increase security and transparency

Transferring bills of lading to overseas customers involves risks of fraud, delays, and unforeseen charges.
TradeLens eBL is a secure, digital document that’s immediately available to all parties with blockchain-secured versioning and a clear audit trail, so you can eliminate the risk of lost documents, forgeries, delays and unforeseen charges. 

No more wasteful paper

Traditional, paper bills of lading require printing and couriering that’s wasteful and costly.
TradeLens eBL provides instant, secure digital transfers, so you can reduce or eliminate the effort and cost of printing and couriering paper bills of lading and other shipping documents.

Access a digital ecosystem

Manually handling bills of lading and other documents across various carriers can lead to confusion and errors.
TradeLens eBL gives you and your parties to the shipment access to a single, secure platform, underpinned by blockchain, that provides access to the eBL only to permissioned parties. Issuance and transfer are confirmed with the click of a button. No copying data, no shipping paper.

For Exporters

TradeLens' core suite of transport insight and trade-document handling tools. Designed to support your drive to simplify and streamline business processes and realize cost savings with actionable insights, timely data and reliable direct-from-source updates on your shipping containers.

Complete customs packs digitally

End the time-consuming process of preparing customs document packs via multiple email exchanges.
TradeLens Core’s easy-to-use, powerful, and secure digital document functions let you quickly prepare and finalize customs document packs with relevant parties on a single, shared platform.

Schedule pickups efficiently

You churn through time trying to coordinate container pickups. There’s lack of clarity and often simply no updates.
TradeLens Core provides data direct from our network of carriers and the ability to set custom notifications when your containers are ready for pickup, so you can optimize your transport scheduling.

Negotiate better rates

Fairly assessing your transport partners is difficult without comparable data to help make cost-saving decisions.
TradeLens Core gives you transport data analytics tools to help you assess partner performance, so you can allocate costs fairly and improve your customer service.

Avoid surprise charges

Destination charges are levied invisibly, and there’s no easy way to know if the fees are fair.
TradeLens Core gives your complete downstream container visibility, including at the destination terminal, so you can forsee any charges under DDP terms using actual container movement data.

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