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Differentiate your offer with better visibility data and digital document tools

Accelerate your customs filing process with digitized documents

Provide your customers with timely, accurate, reliable information

Be proactive with notifications for milestones and documents 

Use powerful analytics tools to optimize your offer

Stand out from the competition with next-generation data and tools

As a 3PL or freight forwarder, you are constantly looking for opportunities to improve your customer service while lowering your costs. But Covid disruptions are ongoing, meaning you still need to manage higher shipping costs and longer lead times. 

To stay ahead of the competition, you need greater visibility and transparency, so you can plan ahead, manage efficiently, and proactively manage your customers’ expectations.

2-day reduction in time to invoice
66% reduction in customer information requests

For 3PLs

The TradeLens eBL is a standard, industry-supported, end-to-end digital solution that provides shippers, cargo owners and freight-forwarders a streamlined and secure process for the issue, transfer and surrender of original bills of lading.

Streamline your processes

The process of receiving and transferring paper bills of lading is manual and time consuming.
TradeLens eBL is a carrier-supported digital bill of lading you can receive transfer with the click of a button, eliminating time-consuming manual handling and the costs of couriering paper documents worldwide.

Increase security and transparency

Cargo release depends on receiving the correct bill of lading on time, and involves risks of fraud, delays, and unplanned costs.
With a secure, digital document that’s immediately available to all parties with blockchain-secured versioning and a clear audit trail, you can eliminate the risk of lost documents, forgeries, delays, and unforeseen charges. 

No more wasteful paper

Bills of lading require manual handling and couriering that are wasteful and costly
TradeLens eBL gives you instant, secure digital surrender, so you can reduce or eliminate the cost of printing and couriering paper bills of lading.

Access a digital ecosystem

Managing bills of lading and other documents with various shippers and carriers can lead to errors and confusion.
TradeLens eBL has wide ocean carrier support, so you can go digital and work from a single platform, moving beyond the inefficient, manual, paper-based process of handling original bills of lading.

For 3PLs

TradeLens' core suite of transport insight and trade-document handling tools. Designed to support your drive to simplify and streamline business processes and realize cost savings with actionable insights, timely data and reliable direct-from-source updates on your shipping containers.

Deliver proactive customer service

Put an end to reactive customer service that too often relies on scraped, time-lagged third-party information.
With always-on, near real-time access to the latest milestone events for all your shipments, TradeLens Core’s transport insights help you deliver competitive customer support solutions that get ahead of the problems.

Complete customs packs digitally

End the time-consuming process of preparing customs document packs via multiple email exchanges.
Secure digital document functions let you quickly prepare and finalize customs document packs with your relevant parties on a single, shared, easily-accessible platform.

Easily keep numerous parties up to date

Managing update communications on every detail of a shipment's movements with numerous multiple parties is challenging.
TradeLens Core helps you manage customer expectations while keeping transport partners up to date with access to a single, reliable source of shipment information and near real-time updates to your transport plans.

Avoid surprise charges

Various charges can be levied based on container movements, but there's no easy way to know if the fees are correct or fair.
TradeLens Core gives you full upstream and downstream container visibility, including at railheads and terminals, so you can easily manage any charges using actual container movement data.

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