Reduce friction and costs with an industry supported digital bill of lading

Original bills of lading are used on an estimated five trillion dollars’ worth of containerized freight shipments every year, but these paper documents cost time and money to transact.

The TradeLens eBL is a standard, industry-supported, end-to-end digital solution that provides shippers, cargo owners and freight-forwarders a streamlined and secure process for the issue, transfer and surrender of original bills of lading.

How it works

The TradeLens eBL is a paperless instrument, issued by carriers, that is transferable, entitles the holder to the goods in shipment, and is surrendered to carriers for cargo release. Exchanging the TradeLens eBL is a standardized process for all TradeLens participants and adheres to legal and regulatory frameworks.

Issue the eBL

Using TradeLens, carriers issue an eBL for a shipper as a structured document. The issuance is recorded, and a hash of the document is saved to the TradeLens Blockchain.

Transfer the eBL

Now, the shipper can view the issued eBL in the TradeLens platform, and when ready, instantly and securely transfer it to a consignee with the click of a button.

Surrender the eBL

When the container shipment is ready to be received, the consignee can simply click “surrender” and the eBL returns to the carrier for cargo release.


Increase security and transparency

Eliminate the risk of lost documents, forgeries, delays and charges by using a TradeLens eBL that’s immediately available to all parties with blockchain-secured versioning and a clear audit trail.

Streamline your processes

Increase efficiency and assure business requirements are met with a TradeLens eBL, which lets you digitally issue, transfer and surrender via API and the TradeLens Core Shipment Manager.

Reduce cost

Reduce the cost and time of printing and couriering documents with The TradeLens eBL, in combination with TradeLens Core, which enables you to share the full shipping document sets across permissioned parties.

Access a digital ecosystem

Get beyond the inefficient, manual, paper-based process of handling an original Bill of Lading with a TradeLens eBL, which performs the exact same function digitally and enjoys wide ocean carrier support.

How much could you save?

Manual, paper-based processes used today are ripe with inefficiencies and risk. The issuance, transfer, and surrender of the Bill of Lading requires the handling and physical transfer of documents by multiple parties at origin and destination, resulting in a lack of visibility, unnecessary costs and delays.

Rely on secure, permissioned document handling

TradeLens secure digital documents ensure that your will minimize costly mistakes and improve workflow processes.

We are very pleased with the TradeLens eBL process. It’s simple and straightforward, with a great onboarding experience.

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