TradeLens Core strengthens your operations with true end-to-end visibility of containerized freight and powerful trade document collaboration tools for you and your partners.

Build your business on true end-to-end visibility

Move beyond disjointed status updates 
and poor data quality. With TradeLens Core, visibility data is rich with meaning, shared directly from the source, made available in real time, and manageable digitally.

Collaborate with your partners securely

Accelerate your workflows with document tools that let you work on the same page as your trade partners. Bring your supply chain together on TradeLens Core to ensure all actions can be tracked, visible and executed in an instant.


transport insight

Proactively manage your transportplan and maintain visibility with data direct from the source

Shipment manager

Get insights related to all your shipments, regardless of transport provider, without costly EDI set-ups

document sharing

All your supply chain partners can work from the same data and document versions with security, control and privacy


Leverage analytics that help you transform data into insights that improve your shipping operations

continuous data improvement

TradeLens promotes accurate, complete, consistent, and reliable data through monitoring, checks and feedback


Get immediate notifications of carrier release, customs release, terminal release, customs holds and more

si - bl workflow

A fast digital process to simplify the creation of a verified bill of lading

api integration

Free yourself from EDI and integrate once with TradeLens, connecting your network using publicly available APIs

partner access

Your partners join under your subscription, dismantling silos, reducing friction and resolving blind spots

stay informed, stay ahead

Explore how TradeLens is shaping the future of global trade. Learn how TradeLens can benefit you by clicking on the information below.

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