BUILDING a digital future for trade

TradeLens  accelerates supply chain innovation and value creation by offering apps and services developed by TradeLens and third parties that work atop the platform and leverage the power of ecosystem data.

TradeLens also provides the technical and organizational foundation to enable parties to build and deploy applications and services to support fellow ecosystem members.

TradeLens Core

Global trade is burdened by paper-based processes. Information is held in various formats across dozens of service providers along the supply chain, requiring complex, cumbersome, and costly peer-to-peer messaging.

TradeLens Core is the sole application currently offered within the Marketplace.

TradeLens ebl

The TradeLens eBL is a standard, industry-supported, end-to-end digital solution that provides shippers, cargo owners and freight-forwarders a streamlined and secure process for the issue, transfer and surrender of original bills of lading.

come innovate with us

Are you a software developer or systems integrator? Do you work with supply chain managment teams already? 

Grow your business by connecting to a supply chain and logistics ecosystem that spands the globe and is being adopted by major industry operators. If this sounds like an opportunity for you, TradeLens is now soliciting interest from partners.

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