Jordanian Customs signs MOU with TradeLens to simplify customs procedures

AMMAN, JORDAN—Jordanian Customs signed a memorandum of understanding on Sunday, 15 December in the building of the Customs Department, to pilot the global trade digital platform TradeLens, underpinned by blockchain technology, through which information is exchanged between partners and to simplify the shipping operations and Goods discharge in ports.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Jordan Customs, Director General of Customs, Major General Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Rahmanah, and GTD Solution Inc. Nicolas Buhmann.

Al-Rahmanah said that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding comes in line with our orientations and royal high visions to exchange data, documents, and information, simplify procedures for the release of goods and consignments, exchange technical information, enhance economic and commercial exchanges, and strengthen cooperation and communication, to enable companies to transport goods across international borders with the greatest transparency and safety.

Al-Rahmanah added that the department adopted a group of development projects that aim in its entirety to encourage investment by facilitating service recipients, facilitating the movement of goods and goods, reducing time and effort, and reducing smuggling and commercial fraud in implementation of the best international standards in the security and facilitation of the supply chain in international trade.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jordan Customs to the TradeLens platform," said Mike White, CEO of GTD Solution Inc. and Head of TradeLens. "Bringing the benefits of digitized supply chain documentation and integrating data with government agencies, logistics providers, shippers, terminal operators, and carriers is essential to the TradeLens vision for a more connected global supply chain."

Jordan Customs now bolsters a strong Middle East regional ecosystem for TradeLens where blockchain is well positioned to be one of the major components in the elimination of paper documents in the customs industry.
—Mike White, CEO of GTD Solution Inc. and Head of TradeLens.

According to the agreement, a pilot zone will be established in the Aqaba Customs Center to transport goods through the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) to implement the system.

Jordan Customs have made great efforts to improve cargo clearance, making it easier and faster thanks to streamlined, digitalized processes.
—Steven Yoogalingam, CEO Aqaba Container Terminal.

“TradeLens will help bring further visibility, predictability and security to Jordan National Single Window and will be a real asset for trade and transport facilitation, making Jordan the preferred logistics and transport gateway into the Levant,” said Steven Yoogalingam, CEO Aqaba Container Terminal.

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