TradeLens working with ZIM and Wave to offer members expanded capabilities and added flexibility

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One of our focuses at TradeLens is helping shippers and supply chain operators reduce the hassle and costs that arise from excessive paperwork and complicated document workflows especially due to original bills of lading. By providing a framework for sharing documents among supply chain parties, TradeLens is now opening opportunities for innovation in this space.

We also know that interoperability is integral to our clients and when joining TradeLens, organizations often have existing systems and products that they wish to bring with them.

With these dynamics in mind, we are excited to see that Wave, provider of an electronic bill of lading protocol, is exploring an integration with TradeLens as a means to improve its customers’ end to end shipment experience.

Wave plans to test the interoperability to TradeLens during a forthcoming pilot whereby Wave will provide document issuance, endorsement and surrender system to the carrier, and TradeLens will enable the sharing and distribution of key shipment events. ZIM Integrated Shipping Service – a member of the TradeLens Ecosystem – has fully integrated Wave’s protocol to its legacy system and will support key customers within the pilot.

Additionally, Wave provides the ability of title transfers covering any types of Bills. The tracking of the bills of specific cargo will be reported and published, with permissioned parties, via the TradeLens platform.

“Calls for greater visibility across the shipping continuum have not gone unheeded, and our latest cooperation with TradeLens reflects progress towards increasing efficiency and ultimately, providing better value to customers who themselves are embracing multiple technology platforms to tackle the challenge,” said Wave CEO and Co-Founder, Gadi Ruschin.

Eyal Ben-Amram, ZIM CIO adds:

“ZIM is an avid champion of advanced digital solutions, offering real added value to our customers. Integrating to both the TradeLens platform and Wave solution offers our customers a unique and highly differentiated shipping experience. It will dramatically shorten document issuance time and transfer process, while simultaneously improve the overall visibility of shipments. We’re excited to be part of the pilot and look forward to assisting our customers to realize greater efficiency and an improved experience.”

Ultimately the pilot will enhance understanding of how best to integrate Wave capabilities with those of TradeLens. If successful, the pilot could also lead the way to a refined Wave application within the TradeLens Marketplace.

Cooperation between Wave, ZIM and TradeLens marks an important milestone for all parties and immediately opens doors for shippers to extend new capabilities across their supply chains. Furthermore, it begins to showcase the immense possibilities of both digitization and interoperability.

If you would like to learn more or get involved in the pilot, please contact us at

Also, if you’d like to learn more about the process of connecting to TradeLens, consider reading our recent post outlining ZIM’s journey.

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