TradeLens: Supply Chain on the Blockchain—The Insureblocks Podcast

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Daniel Wilson, Director of Business Development and Juan-Jose Ruiz, Head of Strategy and Business Development at TradeLens were invited to speak with Walid Al Saqqaf, founder and host of Insureblocks, a dedicated weekly podcast on blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the insurance industry.

Daniel and Juan are jointly responsible for building out the investment case, as well as overseeing and implementing TradeLens mid to long term strategy, and managing third-party engagements.

The interview is a fantastic 54-minute deep-dive into the blockchain, consortia, standards, and interoperability at the heart of TradeLens. Daniel and Juan expertly convey the thinking behind the platform and expand on the goals and challenges for the development of the ecosystem and the marketplace.

Daniel Wilson, Director of Business Development and Juan-Jose Ruiz, Head of Strategy and Business Development at TradeLens

Click below to listen to the podcast from this page via Spotify player.

And follow the link below to the Insureblocks blog to read Walid's written digest of the interview.

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