Podcast: TradeLens on IBM Blockchain Pulse

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On a recent IBM Blockchain Pulse Podcast episode, TradeLens Director of Strategy and Operations, Daniel Wilson, offers a personal take on the history, context and development of the platform.

It's a great way to hear the origin story of the TradeLens project and get a crystal-clear explanation of how the ecosystem, platform and marketplace work together. Daniel also unpacks the key attributes of visibility, security, and flexibility for the listener, all while engaged in entertaining banter with the podcast host, Matt Hooper.

A great journey-to-work listen for anyone interested in TradeLens and the power of blockchain-powered collaborative platforms in the supply-chain.

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Skyangel joins TradeLens to create an intermodal data network across the US, México and Central America

Skyangel, a leader for IoT and GPS monitoring services in US, Mexico, and Central America, has taken a new step on their mission to connect the supply chain by joining the blockchain-based TradeLens platform.

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TradeLens issues the first electronic Bill of Lading in the UAE, strengthening the digitalisation of supply chains

The electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) was issued to Safeline Freight and Fortuna DMCC and facilitated by the blockchain underpinned TradeLens platform.

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#dltledgers and TradeLens collaborate to accelerate cross-border trade finance digitization in Asia

#dltledgers announced a plan to incorporate capabilities from TradeLens into the #dltledgers multi-party platform for the benefit of cross-border trade participants. With this collaboration #dlteldgers customers will be able to access critical events and documents for their container shipments through the TradeLens platform.

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