Event Recap: APLOG Portugal

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On October 16th, TradeLens had the privilege to participate in the APLOG 22nd conference in Lisbon presenting our digital industry innovation – TradeLens -  during a one-on-one fireside chat.

APLOG is the biggest logistics association in Portugal, with the aim to develop logistics, enable competitiveness and growth for its members and challenge them to innovate, constantly focusing on logistics and supply chain excellence. They are a part of ELA – European Logistics Association and CSCMP – Council of Supply Chain Management Professional (USA).

APLOG organize several events with their annual congress being the most prestigious event of the year. Representatives from all major companies in Portugal recently gathered to share their insights and discuss the future.

Thisyear’s congress theme was the “New frontiers of Logistics”. Speakers from VWGroup, Fnac, Coca-Cola, TiContract, SAS, Intermarché and Nestlé, among others, discussedseveral challenges, trends and disruptions in our industry, including a sessionon “Fjord Trends” from Accenture.

Alexa Ríos – TradeLens Regional Product Expert Maersk, Europe presenting at APLOG

This year Maersk was invited to speak for the first time and TradeLens was the privileged topic. We shared with the audience the  What, Why and How” of building TradeLens focusing on our goals to digitize global trade, bring transparency and supporting our customers’ ambitions to succeed in an era where market demands are changing faster than ever. It was widely acknowledged that technology is disrupting almost every area of our lives and now we have the opportunity to use it to solve global issues where it is no longer only about the products available but the overall customers' experience.

In the room with around 500 attendees, TradeLens was perceived not as a “product” but as a shipping industry innovation, making use of blockchain technology to create trust, collaboration, openness and innovation, all goals integral to the future of our industry.

Our session was the most interactive of the conference. Several questions from the audience we received and clients reached out afterward to ask more questions and gather more information about the solution.

 “It was a very important stage to showcase ournew service offering and our transformation journey, positioning us as a marketleader for innovation. Co-creation with different ecosystem partners willrevolutionize the industry” said Alexa Rios, TradeLens Regional Expert atMaersk who was the guest speaker.

Alexa did an amazing job explaining the vision of TradeLens and the complexity involved in embracing change
—Filipe Barros - Executive Manager, Supply Chain Magazine  

We are used to listening more to our reptilian brain, keeping us in our comfort zone avoiding taking risks; but historically the biggest risk is to stay where we are. Together we need and can move this industry forward and I’m thrilled to see all of us enjoying this journey and taking supply chain to the next level” said Filipe Barros - Executive Manager, Supply Chain Magazine.

We believe our country would be the perfect location to showcase and test innovative concepts like TradeLens in several organizations. We have a huge potential and the right people to unleash the same.
—Rui Torres – Portugal sales and country manager.

“As some of the foreign companies located in Portugal have said during this event, teams located in Portugal normally like to take the lead to pilot new projects and test new concepts. This is due to our entrepreneurial mindset and a natural interest in innovative concepts and creating new business ideas,” said Rui Torres, Portugal Sales and Country Manager, on the APLOG conference.

“Maersk Portugal is committed to embracing and developing this entrepreneurial mindset and innovation drive to be a frontrunner in the industry. From co-creating solutions with startups to challenging our clients to disrupt themselves on a continuous basis, our aim is to focus on developing logistics solutions for our clients and challenge them to grow through partnering with us on a broader scope of services. This was a key reason we participated in this event, both as a speaker and as a sponsor,” mentioned Sonia Ferreira – Customer Solutions Manager, Maersk Portugal.

We are collaborating with our clients on what the supply chain of the future could and should be, and how we can all create it, together.”
—Sonia Ferreira – Customer Solutions Manager, Maersk Portugal.  

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