Not knowing where your containers are and when they are available for pickup is costing importers like you serious time and money and cuts into your margins.

We’re excited to now offer a cost-effective way to trial TradeLens. No strings attached.

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You’re facing unique challenges this year, and deserve a new class of technology to help. Sign up for a two-month trial (the first month is free, the second month for as little as $500) to quickly evaluate TradeLens and see first-hand how it can benefit your business.

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Importers like you are facing delays and significant charges for detention and demurrage. TradeLens gives you the tools to keep these to a minimum
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Three ways tradelens saves you time and money today:
Three ways tradelens saves you time and money today:


TradeLens notifies you as soon as your containers are available for pickup from both L.A. and Long Beach. Stop checking carrier, customs and terminal websites and get alerted as soon as the terminal makes your shipment ready, so you can schedule your pick-up efficiently, lowering the risk of delays and deadhauls.

With TradeLens, you’ll know


when your containers are released and ready for pick up.

By comparison:

60% of importers learn about these events more than 12 hours after the event actually occurs.


Up to 48 hours before your shipment arrives at the railhead and is available, TradeLens publishes an updated ‘estimated discharge from rail’ event so your trucking partners can effectively plan pickup and you can lower the risk of unnecessary wait times and avoidable fees.

TradeLens improves

visibility completeness by 20%

with gate-in and gate-out events direct from inland depots and ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

By comparison:

Industry-leading track-and-trace platforms can miss up to 20% of these events, requiring manual checks.


With data direct from inland depots, TradeLens makes it easy for you to stay on top of your container returns and avoid unnecessary detention fees. Get notified as soon as your containers have gated-out full and then gated back in empty. Monitor any that are late, missing or delivered to the wrong location, and reduce any additional costs.

TradeLens publishes

up to 34 Transport events

from the time the vessel arrives at the port 
of LA or Long Beach through to the empty container return.

By comparison:

Most importers only have access to a handful of basic events, making it harder to manage and avoid fees.


By leveraging TradeLens, a mid-sized importer was able to significantly reduce D&D charges into key global markets. How? With more timely notifications on key shipments, the firm's transport manager was able to arrange pick-up before free time expired and charges were incurred, resulting in a projected annual savings of $300,000.

become a data driven importer

TradeLens does more than just save you time and money on container-availability. For importers like you, TradeLens delivers more timely and more granular visibility along with powerful digitized documents and analytical tools to help you drive down avoidable costs and delays.

In the following videos, you can follow a shipment getting imported through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and discover five ways TradeLens gives you the information and tools to lower your costs and manage your shipment with greater efficiency than any other supply-chain platform:

Replan your delivery schedule with better visibility

With TradeLens, you can find any shipment with a changed transport plan or a new ETA with a single mouse click. TradeLens filters near real time supply chain data to help you easily focus on the items that need your attention before they become problems.

Clear customs quickly with digitized document sets

TradeLens digital document tools use industry-standard structured data formats and robust integration so you can securely share shipment information with your broker and customs, who get immediate access when you share it, reducing errors and risk, and giving you a chance to make up lost time.

Get alerted when your containers are ready for pick-up

TradeLens notifications can immediately alert you when a shipment is available for pickup. Notifications are triggered by data direct from the carriers, customs and terminals in near real-time, so you can streamline your planning, reduce wasted effort and improve cost efficiencies.

Take control of detention charges

With TradeLens dashboards, you can estimate D&D charges in near real-time based on your container movements. These BI tools can help you spot unexpected costs and handle proper resolution with confidence.

Reduce your inventory carrying costs

TradeLens can help you lower your inventory carrying costs by increasing the reliability and clarity of the data shared across the platform over time. With better visibility, you’ll have more confidence in your supply chain, so you can reduce your volume of safety stock and lower your costs.

start your trial, first 30 days free

You’re facing unique challenges this year, and deserve a new class of technology to help. We’re excited to now offer a cost-effective way to trial TradeLens. No strings attached.