Welcome to TradeLens. This webpage is designed to assist new customers to quickly get started on TradeLens. The topics below are configured for the TradeLens eBL subscription for a Telex Release or Shipper Surrender process.

We’re not leaving you to figure this out alone: When you join, you will be assigned a dedicated team of customer onboarding and integration specialists who are experts at supply chain dynamics, system integration technology and TradeLens. They will be your coaches, educating you and your team on product functionality and ensuring TradeLens is ideally configured for the unique needs of your business.

This page offers information and learning to compliment your supported onboarding experience. Bookmark this page and use as needed when needed. So explore, and don’t hesitate to provide us feedback, automated feedback available at the end of each tutorial.

step one : Getting started with TradeLens EBL

Registration and logging in

Getting started with TradeLens is simple and easy. Follow these three quick steps below to set yourself up to start using TradeLens.

Completing a new customer provisioning form (coming soon)

Register for IBM user ID

Login to TradeLens

Setup and receive eBL Notifications

Once you have successfully registered and logged in, you will be able to add eBL notifications.

Add a notification

View notifications through shipment manager

Account Management

If you need to set up accounts for your team as well, use the link below to see how you manage other TradeLens users in your organization.

Manage your users

Manage your business partners

Setup user profile for notifications (coming soon)

Customer Support

Technical support for the TradeLens eBL is currently available from both TradeLens and a dedicated ocean carrier customer service teams.

Get support for TradeLens eBL

step two : Telex Release/Shipper Surrender

Additional information for transactions where the BL is surrendered at origin for expedited release at destination

step three : LEARN ABOUT Single Transfer eBL and DOCUMENT SHARING

If you are considering transferring an eBL directly to your counterparty without the need for a Telex Release or Shipper Surrender, read more about the TradeLens eBL and how to invite your counterparty here: TradeLens eBL for a single transfer

Additional information on the document sharing capabilities of TradeLens

Predefined documents v custom documents

The difference between structured and unstructured documents

How to upload a document

How to download a document through the UI

si - bl workflow

A fast digital process to simplify the creation of a verified bill of lading

Tradelens use case

Customs Declaration

TradeLens digitizes the declaration workflow for all connected parties, so that you have the document information you need as soon as it’s available, and the ability to automate filings using the platform’s standardized data format.

Tradelens use case

customer service

With TradeLens, your supply-chain partners are connected on a single data-sharing platform, providing visibility of shipping events in near real-time, so your teams spend less time hunting for updated information, and more time delighting the customer.

stay informed, stay ahead

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