More than 90 percent of today’s international trade travels by ocean carrier. So there’s little debate that carriers like you provide the most critical link in any international supply chain. Yet there continues to be precious little clarity in knowing and relaying the status of cargo as it makes its way to its destination.

That all changes with TradeLens. Powered by blockchain technology, TradeLens gives you the ability to provide near real-time container-tracking visibility to your customers while ushering in a new era of digitization and optimized workflows. It’s a long-awaited inflection point for you, your customers and your supply chain.

The demands of an ever-changing global trade landscape require ocean carriers to respond with more than a series of bolted-on, stovepiped  solutions. Across the industry, the time has come to embrace full digitization.

Tradelens is the leading platform to enable this, offering the ability to digitize documents, automate many repetitive tasks through the use of blockchain smart contracts and create new ways of working across your supply chain.

Migrating to API

In the face of today’s business realities, legacy EDI systems continue to be costly for all participants in point-to-point communications.

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Expand digitial collaboration

While carriers are central to the movement of containerized goods, you’re only one part of a complex supply chain – and because of continued reliance on EDI, a costly one as well.

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Create new value-added products

Successful carriers do more than move cargo from Point A to Point B. They continually look for new ways to provide value in order to separate themselves from the competition.

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Optimize asset management and internal workflows

Cost reduction and process optimization are essential objectives for any business.

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Ocean carriers have long competed with one another to provide best-in-class customer service. The industry is now entering an era where supply chain participants expect access to enhanced solutions, deeper data-driven insights and improved end-to-end visibility.

Next generation blockchain technology from TradeLens gives you access to solutions that improve reaction times and service levels, enhance core product offerings and expand services – all to keep you ahead of your competition.

Customer service opportunities

Today’s service teams are often logged into multiple systems in an effort to coordinate answers to pressing customer questions.

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Digital documents

Recent studies conducted by TradeLens reveal that carrier customers can realize significant savings on courier charges and enjoy process improvements with digitized, verified supply chain documents.

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TradeLens integrates with users’ in-house systems via non-proprietary, publicly available APIs that are designed for ease of set-up and use.

Share and use real-time data

Open APIs enable real-time data transfer between supply chain participants via publish, subscribe, query and doc share functions.

Reduce EDI costs

Reduce EDI maintenance costs with a family of open-standard APIs for real-time data transfer between supply chain partners.

Unlock creativity

Spur innovation at all levels of your IT division by unlocking creative energies formerly locked up in EDI set-up and operation.


A list of organizations currently connected to the TradeLens Ecosystem can be downloaded here.

modern terminals

A pioneer in the container terminal industry, operating terminals at Kwai Tsing Container Port, Hong Kong and DaChan Bay Terminals in the Pearl River Delta.

apm terminals

Operates one of the world’s most comprehensive port and integrated inland service networks and uniquely positioned to help both shipping line and land-side customers.

port of halifax

A regional economic engine, connects Eastern Canada to more than 150 countries and contributes over $1.7 billion in economic impact.


One of the flagship terminals of PSA International, a port group operating 67 berths with a handling capacity of 50 million TEUs yearly which spans Asia, Europe and the Americas.


A leading non-asset- based supply chain management company that designs and implements industry-leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics.


A globally recognized logistics company that works with companies to move, manage and distribute the goods that underpin global commerce.

Digitization is a cornerstone of the CMA CGM Group’s strategy to provide an end-to-end offer tailored to our customers’ needs. We believe that TradeLens, with its commitment to open standards and open governance, is a key platform to help usher in this digital transformation.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Executive Vice President, IT & Transformations, CMA CGM Group.

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