Mountains of paperwork and outdated legacy processes have long separated and siloed different forms of transportation. This increasingly complex business challenge continues to drain operational efficiency and stands in the way of providing real value for your customers.

The remedy? The visibility and document management tools of TradeLens. They usher in a new era in digital asset planning for intermodal operators, so you can make informed, intelligent decisions and provide transformative value-added services across your supply chain ecosystem.

TradeLens is processing over two million shipping events and 25,000 trade documents every day. Learn how TradeLens can accelerate shipments to markets around the world.

Slow decision making – or worse, a decision you’re forced to make due to an unexpected event – is a business problem you’ve lived with long enough. To maximize utilization and stay ahead of disruptions, TradeLens increases upstream and downstream visibility with transparent, open and neutral information direct from supply chain participants. For any asset owner, TradeLens becomes a game changer with access to unparalleled data, improved planning cycles and optimized asset utilization.

See end-to-end

TradeLens provides unprecedented upstream transparency of container movements, equipment availability and cargo availability at port.

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Improve customer service

Customers should never be left at the mercy of circumstances beyond their control.

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Remove traditional barriers

A single missing document can sink an entire shipment for a customer. You don't want it to happen on your watch.

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The true test of your business is how it reacts to its most challenging moments. With TradeLens, your customer service teams can finally elevate their role from reaction to proaction, where all participants benefit from working with a single, trusted data source.

Drive digital efficiencies

Multiple data sources – often submitted in different forms, and often in conflict with one another – slow movement of goods and accelerate costs.

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Automate communications

Legacy communication systems – phone, email and EDI-based systems – all changed the world.

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Reduce dwell time

Time spent waiting is time wasted.

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Shippers need operators that can manage, share and integrate their data. TradeLens helps you create innovative solutions that unite parties across the supply chain. Help your teams focus on the customer by automating manual and mundane tasks that impact productivity.

Reduce extra charges

A shipment arriving at its destination can be far different than the one that left due to unforeseen costs and extra fees.

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Grow your business

What actions are slowed by frictions that you've always thought were the cost of doing business?

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Optimize IT investment

When IT resources are used to add value to the customer experience, you look at their investment in an entirely new way.

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TradeLens integrates with users’ in-house systems via non-proprietary, publicly available APIs that are designed for ease of set-up and use.

Share and use real-time data

Open APIs enable real-time data transfer between supply chain participants via publish, subscribe, query and doc share functions.

Reduce EDI costs

Reduce EDI maintenance costs with a family of open-standard APIs for real-time data transfer between supply chain partners.

Unlock creativity

Spur innovation at all levels of your IT division by unlocking creative energies formerly locked up in EDI set-up and operation.


A list TradeLens Ecosystem members can be downloaded here.

modern terminals

A pioneer in the container terminal industry, operating terminals at Kwai Tsing Container Port, Hong Kong and DaChan Bay Terminals in the Pearl River Delta.

apm terminals

Operates one of the world’s most comprehensive port and integrated inland service networks and uniquely positioned to help both shipping line and land-side customers.

port of halifax

A regional economic engine, connects Eastern Canada to more than 150 countries and contributes over $1.7 billion in economic impact.


One of the flagship terminals of PSA International, a port group operating 67 berths with a handling capacity of 50 million TEUs yearly which spans Asia, Europe and the Americas.


A leading non-asset- based supply chain management company that designs and implements industry-leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics.


A globally recognized logistics company that works with companies to move, manage and distribute the goods that underpin global commerce.

intermodal operator testimonials

In the  journey of digitizing the supply chain with a strong collaboration spirit, we look forward to the potential of achieving greater efficiency in the industry and unlocking greater value in the supply chain.

Steffanie Sim

Director of Group Projects and Global Customer Engagement, X-Press Feeders

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