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What would you like to provide to your customers that you currently can't? Delivering on that answer can do more than separate you from the competition. It can elevate and solidify the quality of every customer relationship.

With TradeLens — powered by blockchain technology — you can become a trusted partner for customers through a digital backbone that leverages prebuilt connections across the supply chain ecosystem, unleashing valuable data for improved decision-making, more efficient internal processes and better overall efficiency.

TradeLens can save 3PLs an average of 30 minutes of emails, phone calls and manual EDI entry on every shipment, equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Across the industry, data maintained in silos and in different formats increases the manual effort required to manage and maintain a best-in-class supply chain.

With TradeLens, you can gain operational efficiency and drive cross-organizational workflow automation with data available from the source in near real-time, facilitating collaboration across your network. Leverage TradeLens data to reduce time-intensive data reconciliations, streamline root cause analysis and improve exception management.

Improve productivity per file

Manual tasks have long been a fact of life in 3PL, driving up costs and impacting customer service.

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Add process improvements

Managing different processes across a variety of partners increases effort, risk of errors and re-work.

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Manage documents digitally

Manual errors on paper documents often add to the time and cost required to process and customs-clear shipments.

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Innovate labour-intensive processes

Import and export locations have complex and varied documentation requirements. Authenticity of documents is essential for government authorities – and your customers.

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In an increasingly competitive landscape, delivering on customer expectations – and then exceeding them– is key for retention and growth.

TradeLens helps you meet customer needs by improving the speed and accuracy of responses through near real-time shipment event data, sourced directly from permissioned supply chain members.

Exceed customer expectations and drive new revenue streams with innovative vertical- or segment-specific value propositions, products and tools.

Support product development

Digitalization and new forms of competition are changing the playing filed. The competitive advantages of the past will not be those of the future.

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Be proactive

Customer service and operational teams often spend considerable time searching for basic information about cargo location and status.

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Gain new opportunities

Changes in global sourcing and trade patterns mean your customers need greater flexibility to match new suppliers with dynamic demand.

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It’s not enough to be the fastest in 3PL. You now have to be the smartest as well.

Develop your digital backbone with the blockchain-based platform that combines information from across the supply chain while reducing costs by moving away from building and maintaining one-to-one EDI connections and transactions.

TradeLens helps you evolve from EDI to seamlessly-integrated, open-standard APIs facilitating data transfers between supply chain participants in near real-time. Benefit from a new way of working that combines and standardizes interactions in one place.

Access new data sources

3PLs often rely on data directly from carrier or terminal websites. This typically leads to time-consuming data scraping to achieve some form of partial cargo visibility.

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One-stop carrier workflow automation

There are often different, nuanced processes for many of the standard steps in your transportation processes. Operators need to understand these depending on who they’re engaging with at each step along the way.

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Improve system integrations

Direct communication between carriers, 3PLs and customers typically consists of a myriad of point-to-point EDI connections.

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TradeLens integrates with users’ in-house systems via non-proprietary, publicly available APIs that are designed for ease of set-up and use.

Share and use real-time data

Open APIs enable real-time data transfer between supply chain participants via publish, subscribe, query and doc share functions.

Reduce EDI costs

Reduce EDI maintenance costs with a family of open-standard APIs for real-time data transfer between supply chain partners.

Unlock creativity

Spur innovation at all levels of your IT division by unlocking creative energies formerly locked up in EDI set-up and operation.

Customer experience

Delight your customer by improving the speed and accuracy of support response with live shipment events sourced directly from every supply-chain partner.

Consignment visibility control

Access carrier and 3PL transport plans with end-to-end shipping milestones and updated, versioned documents on a single, secure platform.

Be proactive

Locate shipments using booking, equipment, bill of lading and client reference numbers and be notified of changes to transport plans and shipping documents.

Stay informed

All permissioned parties to a shipment can access more than 120 shipment events and document updates, communicated directly from the source.

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operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and customer relations using enterprise grade information-management tools including timely end-to-end supply-chain visibility and blockchain-powered document handling.

Manage exceptions faster

Proactively manage exceptions with estimated, planned and actual milestone notifications that immediately publish associated data via API.

Digital documents workflows

Access more than 120 shipment event types, communicated directly from the source, including document updates and planned, estimated and actual transport milestones.

Improve system integrations

Use open-standard APIs with real time data transfer between supply chain participants via publish, subscribe, query and share functions.

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customs clearance

Move to a fully digitized customs filing process and leverage upstream visibility with permissioned document sharing and dynamic structured data.

Prepare data sets faster

Use structured documents with rich data that can be easily found, analyzed and interpreted. Link data fields common to multiple structured documents to reduce keying errors and improve data quality.

Clear consignments quickly

TradeLens gives you visibility over all shipment events and flags document changes with a clear digital audit trail to simplify compliance management.

Auditable documents

Securely collaborate on shipping documents with your supply-chain partners with blockchain-powered version control and permissioned access.

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si - bl workflow

A fast digital process to simplify the creation of a verified bill of lading

Tradelens use case

Customs Declaration

TradeLens digitizes the declaration workflow for all connected parties, so that you have the document information you need as soon as it’s available, and the ability to automate filings using the platform’s standardized data format.

Tradelens use case

customer service

With TradeLens, your supply-chain partners are connected on a single data-sharing platform, providing visibility of shipping events in near real-time, so your teams spend less time hunting for updated information, and more time delighting the customer.

how much could you save with tradelens?

Using today's manual processes, answering a simple question like "Did the vessel leave yet?" can involve a ten-step process and five or more people. But, in a recent pilot, a 3PL using TradeLens was able to get the answer from one person in one simple step.

See how TradeLens could improve productivity and save money for your organization.

We have always prided ourselves on being a forward-thinking customs broker and trade- services provider. We are excited to work with Maersk, IBM, CBSA and other members of the TradeLens ecosystem on an initiative we believe will serve our industry well and provide transparency and security in the global movement of goods

craig conway

Chief Technology Officer, Livingston International

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