TradeLens is currently offered in limited availability.

In order to support the release, the TradeLens team is beginning to share documentation and details about the solutions architecture and the associated Swagger APIs.


We encourage everyone – ecosystem members and non-members alike – to learn more about TradeLens and explore the many ways in which permissioned trade data can be leveraged within your existing or soon-to-be developed business applications.


Please remember, the TradeLens offering is not yet generally available (GA). The GA offering is expected before the end of 2018. As the GA release approaches, some of our documentation and API parameters may change. Furthermore, we plan to publish more comprehensive collections of topics to coincide with the offering’s progression.


TradeLens allows for sharing of container events between stakeholders involved in transports. The platform does this by making available a single, centralized infrastructure that can be used by all official actors involved. The offering follows a “hub and spoke” architecture, which enables participants to connect once while publishing and subscribing to rich, near real-time data with their shipping business partners. This allows participants to maintain less peer-to-peer integration.  The TradeLens platform is based on industry standard REST/JSON APIs. The platform API defines a list of event types and participant roles that are used to control information access.


Here are links to our primary APIs:


Publishing events:


Subscribing to events:


Querying events:

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Technical Details