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Get notified of any hold-ups so you can plan smarter and avoid fees


Types of planned, estimated and actual milestone and document events available
Reduce hundreds of hours of admin time searching for container updates
Start reducing transport waiting times an inefficient logistic scheduling

Spot problems quickly, and take action fast

Detention and demurrage charges are a part of doing business in container shipping. But those charges are nearly impossible to dispute based on trusted container movement data.

When you join TradeLens, you get access to carrier and terminal data* with notification tools, so you can spot where your containers are held up, know when they’re available for pickup, and do what's needed to lower any unplanned charges and fees.

* Check our network coverage tool to see if your carriers and ports are on the network

Eliminate invoice uncertainties with shared data

TradeLens is a trusted, secure data sharing platform that gives you permissioned access to the same data your partners use, allowing you to improve freight auditing and invoice reconciliation.

Stay ahead of your deliveries

TradeLens provides simple, powerful data-sharing between you, your logistics partners and entities handling the cargo, so you can access real-time updates on your shipments from end-to-end of the supply-chain.


How Dutch wholesaler Van Den Ban eliminated $300,000 in detention and demurrage charges

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Join the network, access data direct from major ocean carriers worldwide, and start saving money with better inland transport planning and simpler invoice resolution.


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