challenge / lower your carrying costS

Lower your working cost of capital with better data


Types of planned, estimated and actual milestone and document events available
Reduce hundreds of hours of admin time searching for container updates
Start reducing transport waiting times an inefficient logistic scheduling

Better visibility means better inventory management

Not knowing from one shipment to the next whether your cargo will arrive in 30 days or 70 means you need to plan for 70, and carry extra inventory to ensure you meet demand.

TradeLens gives you accurate, timely visibility of your containers, that over time helps build confidence in your suply chain, so you can manage your safety stock and lower your inventory carrying costs.

Simplify your customs declaration process

TradeLens provides a secure, digital customs declaration workflow for all connected parties to a shipment. You get the document information you need as soon as it’s available, and you can automate filings with platform’s standardized data format.

case study / HIGHLAND FOODS

How Highland Foods achieved end-to-end import visibility

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