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Get carrier data that gives you accurate visibility of your containers


Types of planned, estimated and actual milestone and document events available
Reduce hundreds of hours of admin time searching for container updates
Start reducing transport waiting times an inefficient logistic scheduling

Get access to your carriers’ own shipment data

Staying on top of your container availability today requires checking and re-checking carrier websites for their latest information. But what if you could access real ETAs and other updates directly from the carriers as soon as they’re available?

When you join the TradeLens platform, you get access to your carriers’ own data, so you can manage your pickups and deliveries with precision and efficiency using real – not scraped – information.

Stay ahead of your deliveries

TradeLens provides simple, powerful data-sharing between you, your logistics partners and entities handling your cargo, so you have access to real-time updates on your shipments from end-to-end of the supply-chain.

Improve your customer support

With TradeLens, your supply-chain partners securely share that data on a single platform, giving you visibility of shipping events in real-time, so you can spend less time hunting for updated information, and more time delighting the customer.

case study / puma

How Puma improved import efficiency with container release notifications

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Join the network, access data direct from major ocean carriers worldwide, and start managing your pickups and deliveries with precision and efficiency.


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