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Securely digitize your Bills of Lading with the click of a button


One place to manage all your Bills of Lading
Save money every month on couriers' fees

2 weeks

Amount of time saved from eBL issue to surrender

Replace paper and couriers with a single, secure digital Bill of Lading

Supply chains are being challenged. You need fast, trusted ways to conduct business that lowers your risks and speeds your shipments.

TradeLens eBL is a digitally secured, fully transferrable digital Bill of Lading that replaces the paper documents you have previously needed to print and courier. It’s supported by major ocean carriers worldwide, and gives you the ability to receive, transfer and surrender Bills of Lading with the click of a button.

Rely on secure, permissioned document handling

TradeLens uses secure digital documents that minimize costly mistakes and improve workflow processes.

Mitigate risk with secure access to source data

TradeLens APIs are a secure, permissioned means to connect to data sources in supply chains, providing access that minimizes document-checking labor, and enables process automation that increase speed and efficiency.

We are very pleased with the TradeLens eBL process. It’s simple and straightforward, with a great onboarding experience.

Frozen shrimp exporter in India


How Avanti, a frozen shrimp exporter in India is reducing risk and saving money by going digital

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