Ports and terminals: The missing element for full optimization

Ports and terminals are the gateway for trade. A port that is resourceful can handle cargo more efficiently, impacting the overall progression and growth of businesses and industries. But, beyond the investments in tangible assets, there is a key aspect that can be taken advantage of, the access to complete data at the right time.

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Taking collaboration to the next level

Openness is everything today. It’s the mantra behind what we’re doing at TradeLens, and it’s how we are blazing the way into bringing blockchain to transportation.

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Building APIs for shipping: What we’ve learned so far

For both better and worse, TradeLens has been among the very first adopters of APIs for the shipping industry. It’s meant that we’ve been though our share of trial and error while iterating our designs. But, now, a couple of years in, our APIs have largely stabilized. So it’s a good time to reflect on and share some of what we’ve learned.

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