BlockpARTy — Making supply chains smarter and more efficient

The art of supply chain. BlockpARTy is a five-part series of virtual events that spotlight the art, the artists and the innovators.

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How to talk blockchain to deniers, skeptics and agnostics

We tapped the substance of a recent interview Daniel did with the IBM Pulse podcast to put together this guide to blockchain. Be a believer in how players up and down the supply chain and across the globe will benefit.

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Blockchain and the fourth industrial revolution

Organizations throughout the transportation ecosystem are starting to understand the benefits of blockchain consortia. At the World Economic Forum, accelerating the benefits of these consortia is a priority.

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7 digital-first regional leaders

We like to keep an eye on how digitalization is changing the world. Here, we've gathered seven amazing examples that suggest how the challenges faced by customs authorities—like inconsistent standards, restrictive legislation and gaps in technology—could soon melt away.

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Setting trade free with permissions

It’s been exciting working on TradeLens for over a year now and realizing the astounding potential of using blockchain technology to transform global trade and transportation.

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How blockchain can help with freight fluidity

80% of consumer goods are carried by the ocean shipping industry, a complex network of hundreds of actors and processes, using multiple modes of freight transportation (including ocean, inland and air carriers). Freight fluidity helps to manage the increasing complexity of these networks.

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