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Daniel Wilson recently spoke with Contour as part of Trade Finance Global’s fireside chat series. He outlined how the TradeLens platform brings shippers’ ecosystems together. The discussion covered interoperability and how TradeLens is working with other platforms to achieve end-to-end digital solutions for customers.

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TradeLens at the GPCA Supply Chain Conference

Daniel Wilson spoke at the Gulf Petrochemical and Chemicals Association's 12th edition of their Supply Chain Conference in May 2021. He outlined how the TradeLens platform brings shippers' ecosystems together, as well as, a detailed walk-through of the TradeLens eBL functionality.

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Podcast: TradeLens on IBM Blockchain Pulse

On a recent IBM Blockchain Pulse Podcast episode, TradeLens Director of Strategy and Operations, Daniel Wilson, offered a personal take on the history, context and development of the platform.

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