AICT, one of Pakistan’s important container terminals in Karachi, has become the first inland depot operator in Pakistan to join TradeLens, a blockchain-powered digital container logistics platform. AICT is also the first network partner for TradeLens in Pakistan, thus leading the digitization journey of Pakistan’s container logistics and supply chain ecosystem. 

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Enhanced by global supply chain data sourced in near real-time from TradeLens, will be able to amplify their supply chain analytics for customers and continue to offer tools to efficiently manage international trade.

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TradeLens Available in China Through Collaboration with China Unicom Digital Tech

China Unicom, the global leading telecommunication service provider, announced its partnership with TradeLens to enable its official commercialization in China, and ensure a fully integrated, real-time, and consistent view of logistics data for containerized freight around the world.

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Royal Malaysian Customs Department adopts IBM and Maersk’s TradeLens blockchain

Press Release - Royal Malaysian Customs Department to use IBM and A.P. Moller – Maersk’s TradeLens platform to improve the speed, transparency and security of local and international shipping.

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TradeLens: A journey from beta to production in one year

TradeLens goals are simple yet ambitious: To reduce the cost of global shipping, improve visibility across supply chains and eliminate inefficient paper-based processes. In short, to bring global supply chains into a more connected and digitized state – for everyone.

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TradeLens: Ready to transform your supply chain

Today I am pleased to announce the official launch of TradeLens, the blockchain-based joint platform created by IBM and GTD Solution Inc. And most importantly, I want to welcome you to become a part of it. Here's why I am so ecstatic about this launch?

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