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How Highland Foods achieved end-to-end import visibility

Accelerated shipping processes using trusted carrier data

Reduced costs and hassle of new EDI set-ups

Increased efficiency of inventory management

Through the TradeLens API integration, we can perform auto data synchronisation into our EDI system three times a day, which enables more effective inventory management. We are also able to plan our warehouse schedule at the bonded area better, via real-time ETA updated and notifications to the task owners

sunghub Song, Team Leader, Information Planning, Highland Foods Co. Ltd





Highland Foods is a rapidly growing business that sources and imports food products from over 16 countries and distributes to retailers across Korea. They were facing a lack of visibility over their cargo. Unforeseen changes to transport plans would cause delays, making it challenging to prioritize and reroute other shipments. 

As they deal primarily in perishable items, Highland Foods aims for immediate transport as soon as shipments land in Korea. Managing unpredictable changes led to time and effort being diverted away from their core business. They were looking for a solution that could provide them with end-to-end visibility and help them manage their supply chain more efficiently.


Most importers around the world don’t have access to the tools to improve supply chain visibility. TradeLens aims to resolve this by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. It is a shipping data platform that can be interacted with by all the stakeholders across a supply chain, such as ocean carriers, an importer’s supplier, their retail customers, financial service providers and more. 

TradeLens allows any supply chain party to generate real-time status updates on shipments, providing improved visibility with just a single click. Inventory management is also synchronized effortlessly, and status updates can be easily downloaded into a company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

With this enhanced visibility, Highland Foods has been able to significantly improve communication across their entire supply chain and gain greater control over every shipment.


With TradeLens, Highland Foods are now:
receiving real-time data on their shipments
which helps accelerate shipping processes
And thanks to TradeLens API capabilities, they are integrating TradeLens data seamlessly into their internal systems.
Highland Foods’ integration TradeLens:
increases the speed of updates they are receiving
and reduces their need to connect and maintain EDI connections to multiple entities in their supply chain.

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