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This post is another in our series explaining the practical benefits of TradeLens from client perspectives. Last week we covered how Van den Ban is using digitization platforms like TradeLens to automate their global supply chain. Today, we review how container availability events directly from the source, in near real-time, drive immediate process efficiencies for PUMA.

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Van den Ban Group, accelerating tires through supply chain automation

A first-hand perspective from Marco Guerts, Customs and Trade Compliance Manager at Van den Ban Group, on how his firm has been putting digitization platforms like TradeLens into practice within their global supply chain.

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Enhanced by global supply chain data sourced in near real-time from TradeLens, will be able to amplify their supply chain analytics for customers and continue to offer tools to efficiently manage international trade.

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PORTIC Barcelona integrates systems with TradeLens to offer added transparency and security

The port community system (PCS) of the Barcelona Port Community has started the information exchange with the platform created by Maersk and IBM

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TradeLens Available in China Through Collaboration with China Unicom Digital Tech

China Unicom, the global leading telecommunication service provider, announced its partnership with TradeLens to enable its official commercialization in China, and ensure a fully integrated, real-time, and consistent view of logistics data for containerized freight around the world.

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Swift Cargo signs up for the TradeLens eBL eliminating the risk in delayed Bills of Lading

One of India's leading NVOCC (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier), Swift Cargo announced joining the TradeLens platform.

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Challenges and opportunities facing electronics global supply chains

Supply chains in the technology and electronics industry continue to face unprecedented challenges in the global marketplace. Here are our industry predictions for the next 5 to 10 years.

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Port call optimization: Two sides of the same coin

There are different perspectives to look at the optimization of port calls. At the core of these ideas are a few aspects that are essential to make it work.

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How global importers solve a trillion-dollar inventory management problem

Manufacturers, retailers and customers expect real-time answers to the when and where of their containers — and supply chain managers and import managers need faster and more accurate ways to provide them.

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Accuracy and timeliness: Two critical measures that define the quality of data in logistics

Understanding the accuracy of the data received allows companies to have better conversations with their business partners about the quality of their input.

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Not every supply chain product is built with the modern world in mind — TradeLens eBL is different

SaaS cloud-based solutions bring the latest transformations in the shipping industry to your fingertips by taking advantage of technologies for secure cloud computing, microservices architecture and dev/ops.

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Freightwalla joins Tradelens to strengthen transparency in freight logistics operations with blockchain

India's leading digital freight forwarding start-up Freightwalla announced joining hands with TradeLens — a blockchain enabled digital supply chain solution jointly developed by Maersk and IBM.

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