Consensus 2020: enterprise blockchain and the path to monetization

Daniel Wilson, Director of Strategy and Operations at TradeLens, joined the online version of Consensus in May to discuss digitizing one of the world's oldest industries and prioritizing the Apps that open doors for future development and monetization, not just for TradeLens, but for the industry as a whole.

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Podcast: TradeLens on IBM Blockchain Pulse

On a recent IBM Blockchain Pulse Podcast episode, TradeLens Director of Strategy and Operations, Daniel Wilson, offered a personal take on the history, context and development of the platform.

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Shipping in the age of blockchain

At IBM Think 2019 conference, Mike White, Head of TradeLens at Maersk and Marvin Erdly, Head of TradeLens at IBM explain how TradeLens wants to change the container logistics game by digitizing information flows across the globe and between trade partners.

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An Overview: TradeLens

TradeLens is a digital shipping platform, powered by blockchain, that enables unprecedented transparency, collaboration, and efficiency in global supply chains. TradeLens provides control and management of shipping data and supplies innovative apps to every stakeholder in the supply chain.

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