Break information silos icon graphic Break information silos

Share real-time, end-to-end supply chain information among cargo owners, transportation providers, 3PLs and beyond.

Streamline business processes Icon graphic Streamline business processes

Seamlessly and securely transfer trade documents across organizations to automate customs clearance, trade finance and more.

Maximise asset utilization icon graphic Maximize asset utilization

Improve physical and financial asset management with more complete and timely operational data.

Sean Healy, Director of Container Freight, Scoular

Scoular’s commitment to increasing supply chain visibility and reducing documentation costs for our customers is exactly why we joined TradeLens. We look forward to integrating blockchain within our business through TradeLens open APIs

Karen Oldfield, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority

Just think of what can be accomplished when we combine our local knowledge with the global expertise provided through TradeLens. The timing for us couldn’t be better.

Ashley Dinning, Chief Commercial Officer, Patrick Terminals

The TradeLens Early Adopter Programme is a great opportunity for Patrick Terminals and our customers to enter the world of Blockchain. We are now set up and ready to go

Klaus Sejling, CEO, Damco

Our passion is to make our customer's supply chains more competitive and TradeLens will greatly accelerate those efforts.

Peter Levesque, CEO, Modern Terminals

Blockchain technology will enable TradeLens to create an industry standard for the secure digitization and transmission of supply chain documents around the world. The industry-wide opportunity is tremendous.

Charles Wellins, President & Chief Operating Officer, FlexiVan

We firmly believe that the formation of TradeLens as envisioned will result in a much-needed, open, neutral and consistent standards-based solution for our industry. We’re excited to be part of the process.

Rafael Garcia, National Superintendent of Customs, Sunat, Peru Customs

We adopt technologies that facilitate access to information and increase tracking and traceability throughout the cargo path. This is why we joined TradeLens, a global solution that uses blockchain to facilitate the trade control process.