Supply chains are challenged. It's time for new ideas

The world is in disruption. Backlogs, delays and other impacts of Covid and macroeconomics are here. Now is the time to find better, smarter ways to engage in trade.

Better visibility and control of your containers

Optimize your end-to-end cargo logistics workflow with timely, accurate data that connects you to carriers, ports, terminals, and customs in near real-time.

No more relying on scraped 3rd party data

Coordinate pickups and deliveries using real-time visibility data direct from your carriers, terminals and transport providers

Handle Bills of Lading with the click of a button

Receive, transfer and surrender a secure, carrier-supported digital Bill of Lading that reduces handling risks and costs for exporters, importers and 3PLs

TradeLens: Building a world of paperless trade

TradeLens is a highly secure data and document-sharing platform that simplifies and speeds your trade workflows.

We provide a set of powerful, digital supply-chain visibility, collaboration and analytics tools developed with support from carriers, customs, banks and inland transport providers.

We are committed to rapidly growing an ecosystem of authorities, agents and transport providers that are connecting digitally to expedite global trade.


Which of the following challenges are you working to solve?

Discover how TradeLens solutions can work for you


Expedite container movements with accurate data and digital documents


Clear customs and deliver faster with digital documents and better data


Differetiate your offer with more reliable visibility data and digital documents

Not one of these?

We work with all parties in the supply chain.

Get data direct from source for your most important trade lanes

The data you need to accelerate your supply-chain business is available right now, for shipping containers that are in movement today.

When you join, you can bring your existing supply chain partners onto the platform with you, so you can leverage TradeLens insights and analytics right away.

Find out how the TradeLens data, tools and partner ecosystem can help transform your operations for digitally-interconnected world.


Actionable visibility and trade documents all on one secure platform

TradeLens is already handling billions of shipping events across the world's most important trade lanes, with the support of major carriers.

Get planned, estimated and actual milestones for your containers today, and secure digital document tools like the TradeLens eBL that makes the transfer and surrender of bills of lading as easy as clicking a button.

The TradeLens blog: Your source of supply-chain innovation and insights


Advancing eBL adoption and the role of MLETR

The global acceptance of eBL is in motion, how can MLETR and other legislative initiatives help?

Electronic Bills of Lading

Unlocking the digital world with TradeLens

We sat down with senior global trade experts, Diana Jones, Director of Solution Architecture, and Juanjo Ruiz, Strategy and Business Development at TradeLens to discuss the proliferation of electronic bills of lading (eBL) and the disruption of blockchain as an emerging technology with a substantial opportunity to support banks with unlocking a $3.4 trillion trade gap in the trade finance market. The following is a Q&A on these topics.

Press Release

Citi Completes First Pilot Transaction on the TradeLens Platform in Asia Pacific

Bangladesh/Hong Kong – Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) Asia Pacific has completed its first pilot paperless trade finance transaction using the TradeLens platform. Leveraging blockchain technology supplied by TradeLens, the pilot illustrates the effectiveness of the technology to improve supply chain efficiency by significantly reducing document processing lead times.